The Basics
Concrete in the simplest form is a combination of cement, fine and/or coarse aggregates, and water. The mixture of cement and water acts as glue which saturates the aggregate and binds everything together.  Next a chemical reaction called hydration begins.  It is through this process that the freshly mixed ingredients begin to gain strength and ultimately form the stonelike structure we call concrete.  Once concrete has been placed it begins to cure, which allows for hydration and strength gain to continue. 

Prescription Concrete 
Ready Mixed Concrete has been known as a “prescription” concrete company for many years. The concept of having a blanket mix that will work for everything is outdated and unrealistic. With the variety of admixtures and supplementary materials offered we knew it was time to expand our mix book and provide economical yet effective solutions. If we don’t have it then we’ll make it, it’s that simple.

Standing On The Edge
The end result is a company that prides itself on an unmatched, diverse selection of mixes we’ve designed over time, combined with a commitment to you, our customer. Our ability to create and produce one-of-a-kind mixes, as well as the most common mixes used today, gives us a competitive edge on which we stand proud. Please feel free to browse our selection of products. The list gives a general idea of product categories; please contact us for more detailed information on anything you see.